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What FriendFeed got wrong

5 thoughts on “What FriendFeed got wrong”

  1. Facebook has taken many things straight from FriendFeed.

  2. Based on your comments, I decided to sign up for FriendFeed. I find it superior to both Twitter and Facebook. I much prefer the way conversations take place on FriendFeed than other places.

    What did they copy from Facebook? I have not explored it enough and don’t see it copying things that are bothersome (such as quizzes).

  3. Apologies. I misread the assertion.

  4. Ragib Hasan says:

    Lifestreaming sounds very similar to Gordon Bell’s MyLifeBits Project. What is the difference? Bell also wanted to record everything he did, both online and offline, into this system. “External extension to memory” is precisely what Bell wanted to achieve, in addition to the MEMEX idea from Vannevar Bush.

    There is another professor/artist, Hasan Elahi, who put his entire life online. Of course, that started as a way to get back at FBI, but it turned out to be an interesting project.

  5. @Ragib

    Precisely. Yes. The roots of this idea are deep. Myself, I wrote about it a long time ago on this very blog: