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The missing research tool…

I want to know when a new research paper…

  • is similar to one of my papers;
  • cites one of my papers;
  • is relevant to my current research.

Why can’t I have this already? Why do I have to manually go to Google Scholar to monitor what my peers are doing? But Google Scholar always fall short because it does not know Daniel Lemire is as a researcher. Years of research in Natural Language Processing should make the construction of such a tool almost as easy as building a bridge. It is not difficult to parse my research papers, learn from it, and detect similar papers as they appear on the net.

So we need a new generation of tools:

  • The tool knows who the researcher is, what he published, what he cited…
  • The tool knows what the researcher is currently working upon.
  • The tool can filter and aggregate the data automatically and offer it to the researcher without effort.
  • The tool promotes open access content when possible.

I would pay for such a tool.