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Emotions killing your intellectual productivity

8 thoughts on “Emotions killing your intellectual productivity”

  1. Thanks Daniel for sharing your coping strategies. I like reading, cooking, teaching, mentoring and researching too.
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  2. Kevembuangga says:


    Oh! Yeah?
    Then we should see plenty of successful Buddhist scientists.
    It doesn’t appear so…

  3. gregorylent says:

    i am amused at people who still don’t know about meditation ..

  4. Aude says:

    “Thank god I am brain damaged.. I thought there was something wrong”.. I truly am.. and it is really harder to control my emotions now.. but at the same time I feel I have nothing to loose now. It is true that emotions don’t last, but you have to let them out.. and what I do aside from doing only the research I like, is takind the time to read, cook pastry, go fishing and sleep in the afternoon. You are so efficient afterward. I tell you it is really worted.

  5. Steven says:

    Interesting post.

    I just had a paper rejected and I feel like all of my energy is drained. I find that going back and fixing up old work hurts my momentum. I hope this gets better with experience!

  6. Steve says:

    “I drink red wine.” I’ve also found a bit of alcohol can help cheer me up. Cannabis can do that too, though it also seems to put my mind in a state where I can sometimes also gain perspective and insight to deal with the problem and my own feelings about it.

  7. Mehmet Suzen says:

    Thanks for your valuable advice.

  8. Ayyappan says:

    I like your advice. 🙂

    We can also add more self satisfying task in our daily schedule. It will help balancing our emotional disturbance.

    I prefer to go to some general and technical forums and help people.

    A short or long walk kills bad energy.