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So, you think academic peer review works?

One thought on “So, you think academic peer review works?”

  1. Glen Newton says:

    I was simultaneously fascinated and horrified by this account: and blame you Daniel for causing me to take 30 minutes reading the n-Category Cafe page on this! 😉

    Why not disqualify editors from publishing in the journal? Like the model we have for judges: they are respected lawyers who are selected to judge. They cannot also be the counsel for the defence at the same time.

    However, for academic publishing it would be less restrictive: whereas in most countries the judge does not practice law at all: in this case the editor can still publish in other journals.

    It is the price to price to pay for being an editor.

    Of course, for small specialized disciplines where there are few journals this might be problematic. Perhaps this could be fixed by having all peer-review of editor-submitted articles non-anonymous and published, thus putting greater onus on the reviewers. And maybe having more reviewers for this special case.