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Proceedings of the Large-Scale Recommender Systems workshop

We have made available a PDF copy of the proceedings for the second Netflix/Large-Scale KDD Recommender workshop. It includes the following papers:

  • Jinlong Wu and Tiejun Li. A Modified Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm For Collaborative Filtering
  • Gavin Potter. Putting the collaborator back into collaborative filtering
  • Andreas Toescher, Michael Jahrer and Robert Legenstein. Improved Neighborhood-Based Algorithms for Large-Scale Recommender Systems
  • Oscar Celma and Pedro Cano. From hits to niches? or how popular artists can bias music recommendations
  • Domonkos Tikk, Gabor Takacs, Istvan Pilaszy and Bottyan Nemeth. Investigation of Various Matrix Factorization Methods for Large Recommender Systems