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Some myths about online teaching

4 thoughts on “Some myths about online teaching”

  1. I am a Product Manager for a teaching-learning Web 2.0 platform – http://www.wiziq.com/ I came across your post from Google Alerts and must say that it is a good compilation. I was myself compiling this list as I teach online as well. I think you have captured the essence of what I wanted to discuss. I would just like to add one more : “Students are not willing to pay for online courses”.

  2. Students definitively pay for online courses that are part of their university education.

    How else could I manage, as a university professor, to teach online courses?

    What they may not be willing to pay for, however, is the content itself.

  3. The “country-club” model of the university seems like an extremely natural statement. Is this expression defined/published somewhere?

  4. Christan: I have no idea where I picked this up, but you are right that I did not make up the representation of the university campus as a country club. Maybe it comes from Stephen Downes.