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Backing up your Mac on an external disk

4 thoughts on “Backing up your Mac on an external disk”

  1. Cyril Goutte says:


    I have been using rsync to backup at work, with a different set of options (-Cavuz); I’ll check the options you use.

    I actually put the command in a Makefile so I just “make backup” every now and then.

    Have you figured out a way to automate the backup? I experimented a bit with Automator and Calendar but never could make it work properly.

    At home I use Retrospect Express, which came free with an external disk I bought. It does reasonably good incremental backups, but I find it quite slow.

  2. What is wrong with cron jobs? Type “crontab -e” to insert a new cron job. Of course, you must deal with a syntax from the seventies, but it is well documented.

  3. # my external disk is located
    # at /Volumes/G-DRIVE\ MINI/

    OK… how do I find out where *my* external disk is located?

    (p.s. related to the math question – I’m not so good at addition – heh)

  4. All disks on a Mac are located in /Volumes/. So go to shell and type “ls /Volumes/”. You should find it.