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The Disadvantages of an Elite Education

4 thoughts on “The Disadvantages of an Elite Education”

  1. Parand says:

    The essay itself is a bit longer than I have time for at the moment to read, but the quote is interesting:

    … our current president … went to Yale.

    I’m still looking for the disadvantage of going to Yale…

  2. He went to Yale, got a big fat job because he was entitled to it.

    That’s what the essay says.

  3. Michael Mitzenmacher says:

    Oh, please. There’s certainly some valid starting points of criticism in there, but then he goes off the deep end. I’m no elite-school apologist, but by the end, I found the essay extreme to the point of, dare I say it, ridiculousness.

    For a more reasoned and balanced criticism of the current state of the Ivies, I’d recommend my esteemed colleague’s book, Excellence Without a Soul by Harry Lewis.

  4. Janet Clarey says:

    Struggling with this very issue this morning…thanks for the link.