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When a terabyte is small

With Kamel and Owen, I am working on a paper involving database indexes. We had over a terabyte of space, and yet, in the middle of the production of the paper, we ran out of space. Only a year ago, I thought that one terabyte was large.

So, I ask our technician about getting a new drive. He comes back with a small 500 GB drive. I ask how much they cost, he says “$200.”

This is a new frontier for me. Producing a simple research paper required us to generate more than one terabyte of data. Moreover, we will generate much more data before the paper is finished.

Assuming I write, say, 4 research papers a year, this means that I will generate over 4 terabytes of data a year at my current rate which is going to cost me about $1600 in storage.