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When a terabyte is small

3 thoughts on “When a terabyte is small”

  1. I think this is one big obstacle for current research in IR. The time spent dealing with “infrastructure” is getting bigger. This leaves less time for real research. I think that, in the broad field of IR, “industry research” is going to produce much more results in the next years than “academia research”.

    Google’s Peter Norvig is quoted saying – Google does not have the best minds, they have a great infrastructure that allows them to experiment much faster.

    How can academia deal with this?

  2. Kevembuangga says:

    You are probably not old enough to know that rule:
    No matter the size of the drive it is ALWAYS 95/98% full so for the “next run” (whatever this is) you have first to upgrade.
    This is probably even more “solid” than Moore’s law.
    In the very early 70s a 5 megabytes drive was “large”…

  3. Kevembuangga says:

    BTW, why not using outsourced storage and computation power?
    The NYT did it:

    (via Lukas Biewald http://www.lukasbiewald.com/?p=134 )