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Hidden Gems : seeking diamonds in your data (November 7th 2007)

On November 7th 2007, Hazel Webb will give a lunch talk at 100 Sherbrooke West room SU-2720 (LORIT) from 12:30 to 13:30 on seeking diamonds in your data.

The talk will be webcasted at http://mediasrv.lorit.ca/presentation (Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer under Windows required). During the presentation, emails can be sent to [email protected] (MSN messenger also supported).

Everyone is invited to attend remotely or in person!

Hidden Gems : seeking diamonds in your data

Data warehouses, repositories for ever-increasing quantities of data, have become commonplace in most medium to large-sized enterprises. Finding efficient methods to explore the data for suspected and/or previously unknown information continues to be an active area of research.

We introduce the diamond cube operator which, we believe, will aid decision support and analysis. It seeks a single large dense area of data by pruning lesser attributes, i.e. they are related to few others. An algorithm has been designed, implemented and tested on a real-world, terrorism data set. Our preliminary results confirm that this operation can be used to find a dense subset within a data cube.

In this talk an overview of On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) will be presented, together with the diamond cube operator, some of its mathematical properties and anticipated benefits to the commercial and scientific communities.