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One More Step Toward Infinite Storage

Acccording to a new IDC study reported in Wired, the world had 185 exabytes of storage available last year and will have 601 exabytes in 2010. Meanwhile, the amount of “digital information” generated will grow from 161 exabytes last year to 988 exabytes in 2010.

Their point is that we lack the storage capacity to store everything. This seems to go against the theory that we nearly have infinite storage. But I do not think so. How can they tell how much storage is available? Do they include the NSA? Do they include Echelon? Do they include all of the secret agencies in the world storing massive quantities of data in general?

What might be a more interesting observation is that few people store everything as of now. And I do not expect that people will start storing everything soon. Storage costs must still come down a bit, and software must adapt. But in a few short years, everyone will store copies of everything. And managing all this data, whatever managing means, will become a big deal. And it will not be a nice database problem either because this data will not follow nice database schemas.