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Advice for a student going into Computer Science

One thought on “Advice for a student going into Computer Science”

  1. Eric L. says:

    Don’t go in computer science or do it only if at least you expect to get Ph. D. Today all applied science domain (computer excluded) are progressively claiming that programming is an exclusive tasks for professionals of their own technological domain. By example , the telecom. and networking programming is more and more exclusively reserved to electrical engineering. In some country , like mine (province of Québec) , professional engineering Assoc. , are next to forbid computer scientist to program in any engineering related domain including software engineering event if in the last duty there’s no such mandated requirement.

    For the best bet , go in engineering. I have experienced working with engineer and in term of salary they progressing faster, they had a better security employment (they are protected by a kind of union here) and therefore they are less stressed by their work and often they have less work load. This is my point of view