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The paperless office finally coming?

4 thoughts on “The paperless office finally coming?”

  1. Andrei says:

    Reading a document on your screen is really difficult when you have 640 by 480 pixels on a 14 inches monitor, but it becomes considerably easier on a 2500 by 1200 pixels 30 inches screen.

    However, a 30-inch high-res monitor is not exactly a very portable medium. What makes a big difference between monitor and a piece/stack/pile of paper is that the latter can be pretty much taken anywhere, folded or made more compact in a number of other ways.

    It won’t be till our screens bolster at least 300dpi resolution and are compact enough to fit in a small briefcase, that the paperless becomes a reality.

  2. John Bauman says:

    Linux doesn’t support full-text indexing? Have you ever heard of Beagle?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Text indexing is not a very hard thing to do. I’m pretty sure there are several available for Linux (like the aforementioned Beagle).

  4. Joshua Drake says:

    You mention that you would like to click a reference and download it automatically, which PDF and Word formats both allow.

    One of the larger issues here is that people are NOT taking advantage of the tools already in place.