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Innovative Collaborative Filtering Venture going down: Findory

Findory was one of the most innovative collaborative filtering application ever: it provided a recommender system to help you find interesting news. Greg is letting Findory go:

Findory appears to have sufficient resources to run on autopilot through most of 2007. Findory will eventually fade away, but I believe it has touched immortality through the impact it had.

Apparently, Greg wants “to spend more time on health and with family.” Also, it is no secret that Greg was unhappy about the popularity of the site and Findory was facing the “me too!” routine with all the big players copying his ideas or simply creating similar tools.

I think that in the coming decade, dropping projects and reducing your work load to spend more time on your family will become a cool thing to do.

Projects and companies have to come and go. We should not be slaves to our projects.