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RSS hygiene and Google Reader

One thought on “RSS hygiene and Google Reader”

  1. Ben says:

    25 feeds? No, it’s not enough. I have 100 feeds in my Bloglines; 5 of them is for news, and I usually ignore them. I only check them every weekend. The other 95 feeds generate 20 items every day, and every morning I have around 20 articles to read, and I think it’s reasonable. Not every article is deserved to read carefully, but at least I can find two or three good articles, and they make my day.

    The number of the feeds doesn’t matter. The quality and the update frequency of the feeds are the important things.

    If you only read the 25 favorite feeds, it’s hard to get out of them. Sometimes you need to read beyond the 25 favorites, to find the long tail. Most of the long tail is not interesting, but you should keep reading the not-so-interesting part to find what is calling you 🙂