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Slashdot | String Theory a Disaster for Physics?

3 thoughts on “Slashdot | String Theory a Disaster for Physics?”

  1. kwasi says:

    I’m just waiting for the Intelligen Design crew to jump on this as proof of why science is biased.

    That aside, I’ve always been worried about how string theory has managed to forge on without ever having to really prove itself. Finally maybe people will start looking at other options

  2. Greg says:

    There are certaintly other options being looked at, like loop quantum gravity. I can’t help but think that if string theory didn’t have any promise people wouldn’t be looking at it as much—but I’m sure there are people who would call me naive for saying so. At least string theory as an attempt to model the strong nuclear force did make one prediction: gravity!

  3. Kwan Chiang says:

    Please see my website: http://www.physicsrenaissance.com

    It talks about solid angle rotation, which is not strings, but has string behavior and may offer clue to curled up dimensions at electroweak scale.

    Thanks and happy holidays.