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The word “computer” is not associated in any way with math.

One thought on “The word “computer” is not associated in any way with math.”

  1. I’ve got a quote about the use of computers in K-12 education:

    “Suppose it were music the nation is concerned about. Our parents are
    worried that their children won’t succeed in life unless they are
    musicians. Our musical test scores are the lowest in the world.
    After much hue and cry, Congress comes up with a technological
    solution: ‘By the year 2000 we will put a piano in every classroom!
    But there are no funds to hire musicians, so we will retrain the
    existing teachers for two weeks every summer. That should solve the
    problem!’ But we know that nothing much will happen here, because as
    any musician will tell you, the music is not in the piano!”
    — Alan Kay, “Revealing the Elephant: The Uses and Misuses of
    Computers in Education.”