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Update to XML Course

My French XML Course content has been updated. You can download the lecture notes for free as well as browse my version of the web site (Firefox is required). The entire content of the course is in XML, and I generate the PDF automagically by piecing together everything. There is a lot of XHTML content in this course. People sometimes wonder why they should care about XHTML. Well, here’s one reason: the PDF file I offer is generated from the XHTML through XSL. Try doing the same with ugly HTML without going insane.

This course got a lot more interesting with the release of Firefox 1.5 which has allowed me to integrate SVG. However, the section on RDF still makes me sad: I lack a way to automagically generate beautiful SVG from the RDF data (no, don’t ask me to draw, no don’t tell me to use 4suite, no don’t tell me to use the W3C site which uses 4suite…).

Here’s the new description (in French):

Historique, motivations du XML, comparaison avec HTML et SGML. Le document XML : syntaxe, éléments, attributs et entités. Documents bien formés. Documents valables : Document Type Definitions (DTD), XML Schema, Relax NG, Schematron et Examplotron. Vocabulaires et espaces de noms. Le XML comme format de document: XHTML, SVG , MathML et DocBook. Modélisation de l’information en XML, XSLT, XPath, XLink, XPointer, XQuery, CSS. Utilisation du XML à partir de langages orientés-objets (Java ). Modèle-objet XML (DOM). Asynchronous JavaScript And XML (AJAX). Filtrage, fusion, et extraction du XML en Java. Métadonnées en XML : Resource Description Framework (RDF), Dublin Core, Creative Commons, FOAF, RSS, web sémantique.

Currently, I have 9 students. I expect to at least double or triple this number within a year. It is a fun course.