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Java Sound under Linux

2 thoughts on “Java Sound under Linux”

  1. somekool says:

    how did you make sure that /dev/dsp1 is your microphone ?
    if you unplug the usb microphone will /dev/dsp1 disapear ?
    how can you test your microphone directly with the dsp device ?

    I’m trying to get skype or kopete to work with my usb-mic, right now alsa and arecord works fine. but can’t figure out how to make skype to work.

  2. somekool says:

    by the way : I think hw stands for HardWare 😉 cuz these are HardWare device 😉

    and if you want to get your arecord to work without -D option. you may want to check out my tip on my blog too.