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IBM UDDI Shut down

From Standard Deviations, I learned about IBM shutting down their public UDDI registry. Here’s is what Parand had to say about it:

It’s about time. I can tell you the exact point I lost interest in UDDI: it was the second advisory board meeting and I was struggling with the enthusiasm expressed by the board for adding features and categorizations while the basic directory was failing to get traction. A gentleman who shall remain nameless was waxing philosophic about how UDDI would be used to track shipments and trucks as they made their way across the country. It was such a huge moment of disconnect (…)

I heard even more extravagant claims. UDDI was going to be used for semantic web services: all you had to do is describe what services your application needed (like a shipping service) and the magic of strong AI would do the rest of the work for you. Except, of course, nobody knows how to do strong AI with our current computers, but who is keeping track of these things?