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Java OLAP Interface (JOLAP) is dead?

2 thoughts on “Java OLAP Interface (JOLAP) is dead?”

  1. Hi,

    I’m not very familiar with Oracle business Intelligence Suite. I’m an Oracle DBA using cognos Business Intelligence Suite… But i did some searches on some oracle Internal sites (metalink, otn…) and the only thing i found is about the JSR-0..69. Oracle was talking about integrating JOLAP in their Oracle 9i OLAP… However i didn’t find any occurence of this word “JOLAP” in the Oracle 10g. I even think that this White paper is out of date 🙂

    I don’t think that JOLAP is dead ( like MDAPI : Several years ago the OLAP Council created MDAPI, an open API for multidimensional databases and OLAP applications. This API never gained acceptance in the market place ) because it’s used by Mandrian which was recently integrated to the Pentaho OLAP Server. This article is in french


    and which is gaining a lot of interest by the industry.

    Personnaly i think there is a serious war between Oracle, IBM…and Microsoft in this field. That’s why there’ll probably never be a Cross-Platform OLAP query Standard 🙁


  2. JSR-69 spec doesn’t exist (it is only for evaluation).

    According to JCP 2.1 (the process used for JSR-69) the Specification Final Release will be posted after Final Approval Ballot.

    This never happends. So, the only version of the specification is the last DRAFT, according to it’s license, it only for evaluation.

    I asked people working on JCP but I have no answers.