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Idea for a cool AJAX-based project: a web-based slide projector

5 thoughts on “Idea for a cool AJAX-based project: a web-based slide projector”

  1. Benoit: marratech free version doesn’t support application sharing so it is only for videoconferencing. I want to project slides.

    I tried webhuddle (https://www.webhuddle.com/). It sounds wonderful. It looks absolutely great. But I don’t know how it can parse PowerPoint slides in pure java.

  2. like i said to you in my e-mail


    this will save you at least 400 lines of code 😉

    also you can use marratech free version if you have 5 or less concurent user

    also the FCS clone in open source software called red5


    will be the perfect platform for this kind of thing once finished

  3. of course that being said i am not here to stop you to write code 😉 if you want to do this drop me a line maybe we could look at the posibility.

  4. Bashmakov Pavel says:

    Here is interesting solution:)
    Now it in testing..
    Use workspace ID “slides”, it contain corresponding drawing.

  5. Webbrush is not a web tool, it is an Internet Explorer-only tool. I cannot take seriously web tools designed only for one browser.