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Logitech USB Desktop Microphone under Linux

5 thoughts on “Logitech USB Desktop Microphone under Linux”

  1. Herbert says:

    I got mine working just plugging it in – in the sense that KDE recognizes it. But getting skype to work it (even though it sees /dev/dsp1), or to get programs, where you can’t choose the source, I haven’t gotten it to work.

    Skype was the reason to buy this thing (cost me 31,90€, about 35-40$), and now it doesn’t work..

  2. Adam says:
  3. Tane: try

    ls /usr/src/linux/sound/usb/

    and see what’s there.

  4. Tane says:

    I have problems with loading the module snd-usb-audio, i always get this error FATAL: Module snd_usb_audio not found.I have compiled it into my kernel as a module, but i always get this error on start up and when i try to load it manually, i am using kernel version 2.6.15-r1, i hope u can help me with this little problem since u r the only have way decent page i could find. Thanks

  5. crache says:

    I got this mic and messed around for a bit as well. I’ve set up alsa to combine my primary soundcard and the usb capture device. Detailed here:


    Your post helped as well though!