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If you can’t record using a microphone on the CMI8738 card under Linux…

4 thoughts on “If you can’t record using a microphone on the CMI8738 card under Linux…”

  1. Marcel says:

    Well, your linux problems seem to be a lot easier to fix than mine. I just built a new computer (primarily as a wintendo) – but decided to try and put linux on there as well – you know – so it has a real useful purpose as well. I can boot the install CD (Suse 10.0 OSS edition opensuse.org), and it will dectect my SATA controller and load the driver – but I won’t actually detect that there is a drive attached to the controller.

    Going to try some other distros when I get a chance to download them – hopefully they go a little bit better than this attempt.

  2. Yep. But Linux has improved considerably since when I started (in 2000). It will never be Mac-like, but for some of the work I do, it doesn’t need to be Mac-like. This being said, a Mac would be nice, but I do some cool stuff under Linux that I’m not willing to give up. However, I’m seriously thinking about buying a Mac laptop for the light stuff.

  3. Yeh, this is why I’ve switched away from Linux. Mostly. Not entirely, since microphones, music, video, GUIs, etc. are mostly a distraction from my work anyway. But it just got to be too much to have a computer but be unable to use parts of it because of the time investment involved to figure out how to get it to work. I can use Mac OS X, still be on a Unix machine, and have everything work. That leaves me time to waste on other things…

  4. Marcel says:

    Well – I do most of my real work on my mac – OS X is just an incredible environment to work in – the power of Unix – a nice GUI (as well as X when you need it) – the the fact that it for the most part “just works”.

    But it would have been nice to have a unix like os on my desktop for when I need to do computationally intensive stuff – an Athlon 64 3500+ is much more powerful than the 1 GHz G4 in my iBook.