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eLearning is all about searching and connecting

Harold talks about the new business of learning. As a university professor, I’m in the “learning business”. Harold makes it clear that if all I do is provide content to my students, then I compete against Google and I will lose:

I have already talked about Google as the best learning platform around. No LMS can compete with it.

What is worse is that all my students are nodes in an infinite see of people and knowledge:

We’re all individuals and we all have access to the world’s information and can connect with pretty well anyone we want (think long tail). The basis of all business models has changed. The basis for the training business is changing too.

A related question is “how can a classroom lecture compete?”

I have a strinkingly similar question: “why do I have to line up for hours just to renew my driver’s license when all I do is submit a form to an attendant? why couldn’t I fill a form on the web? Is the human interaction element really worth that much of my time?”