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Trump University

Will writes about the new Trump University which, as the name suggests, was funded by Donal Trump.

  • He has 4 professors and all appear credible at first glance.
  • Prices are reasonable (it seems): $300 a course.
  • There are no degrees offered and the number of courses is currently limited (I see 3 online courses).
  • Posting boards and other technologies are used to put the students in touch with each other and with instructors.

Well, there you have it. I can’t really criticize this in any way, I think. If they granted degrees, I could wonder whether they are credible, but they don’t. If they had no credible Ph.D.-holding professors, I could wonder whether they are credible, but they do. If they only sold static content (like books or access to a static web site), I could wonder whether this isn’t a bookstore in disguise, but they actually put students in touch, so they qualify as a virtual campus in my mind.

So, best of luck to you Donald!

Update: I just read Schank’s reply to the media. Indeed, how do we know it won’t be a good school?