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Marshall´s Web Tool Blog: Blog Possibilities

Wow. According to Marshall, the New York Times reported last year that blogging can be an effective way to get a job:

“It’s a trend on the rise right now,” Mr. Gartenberg [industry analyst at JupiterResearch] said, “especially for employers, who get a much better sense of a person this way. Resumes and interviews are a very scripted process; read someone’s Web log and you get a good sense of that person’s thinking and perspectives.”

I actually believe this. If you are a small or distributed company, this might be a very effective way to find interesting potential recruits.

I don’t think universities are yet desperate enough to hire professors based on Ph.D. students blogs. But for many less “formal” jobs, this seems like a great way to go.

I must be honest: I hired people based on their web sites, and I’ve recommended to students that they setup a web site as a way to increase their employability.

Now, what about me? I’m rather nasty on this blog sometimes, so I probably decrease my employability. What do you think? Do I increase or decrease the probability that I’ll get a sudden job offer by running this blog?