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How to change or modify your Linux kernel under gentoo

2 thoughts on “How to change or modify your Linux kernel under gentoo”

  1. Chris Smith says:

    Well, it’s a bit challenging.
    I can bring up my prism54 card with WEP well enough under the live CD
    (I position the firmware on a thumb drive, and copy the file to
    /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/isl3890 after booting), but I have been beaten
    down trying to get genkernel to do the Right Thing for the PCMCIA subsystem.
    This is 2004.3, emerge gentoo-dev-sources, on a Dell D800.
    Thank you for your post, though: genkernel all is apparently too naive for
    my situation.
    The wireless card situation has all the appeal of a winmodem.
    I grasp that the manufacturers have various legal/business reasons for the
    ‘firmware’ nonsense (what a goofy euphemism), and I understand Linus has a
    Pontius Pilate policy about them, but I hope that the situation can evolve
    to the point that using this hardware under Linux isn’t such a flogging for a
    medium-weight geek like me.

  2. Daniel Lemire says:

    Gentoo might not be the best distro in your case. Have you tried Redhat or Mandrake?