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Yuhong Yan´s Tips to Graduate Students

I really like Yuhong Yan. She’s one of my favorite collaborator of all times. It is quite strange too because we were colleagues for a long time and never collaborated much at all. Then, I left my NRC job, I went to live something like 700 km away and since then, we’ve never been closer. Maybe this says something about how efficient technology has become.

In any case, if you are a graduate student or are thinking about becoming one, you should read Yuhong Yan’s Tips to Graduate Students. The mere fact that she put this page together is enough to make me like her! I find that very few schools care enough about their student to put together similar advice. It seems to be enough for many professors to just throw students into research and see who swims and who sinks. My advice to graduate students would be to seek supervisors who will give you such advice. I think Yuhong is probably a good supervisor.

She also posted a copy of an unpublished paper we wrote together. Myself, I tend to keep unpublished papers private, but at the same time, I keep arguing that researchers should promote their papers more agressively, so I’m not going to complain about what Yuhong did.