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An Amazon Web Services (AWS) 4.0 application in just a few lines

7 thoughts on “An Amazon Web Services (AWS) 4.0 application in just a few lines”

  1. Yuhong YAN says:

    I hope my students won’t see this code because that is for their midterm :). I did not look into REST, but I know it is simipler. Then why SOAP? Here is I copied from Internet

    You might be a Resource guy if you actually use HTTP PUT
    You might be a Get guy if you use URLs to request parameterized actions
    You might be a Message guy if you actually use XML attributes
    You might be a Procedure guy if you feel you must encode XML in order to pass it as a parameter

    REST is for the Message guy, who looks the XML for the values. SOAP is for the procedure guy who sees invoking a web service as a remote procedure call. REST is like query a URL, the results are xml in http messages. SOAP is like a RPC, the parameters are encoding into xml which is embedded in http messages

  • If a smart student makes it to this page and uses the code to help him, then good for them. That’s how you solve real world problems. However, because you’ll expect Java, they’ll still have to do a tremendous amount of work to port this code to Java. And they can’t do the port without understanding deeply the code. So, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Anonymous says:

    The edit box where I am typing in is better in Mozilla. In Explorer, I hit the bug. The edit box is like this before you type in. After, it expands to full length, behind the right bar.

    It is not the only problem. See the codes in the text box, they are too long, out of the box. It is the same on explorer or Mozillat.

  • Internet Explorer is not standard compliant, so I don’t care about it.

    As for the codes coming out of the box, this is unavoidable: I use a preformatted section. I’ll see if I can force the box to have the right width, but that’s hard.

  • Here you go, I deleted the box around the code, so now it won’t go over. As far as I know, this is the best one can do. HTML doesn’t provide enough for tight formatting as you know.

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