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Qualities for a good Ph.D. supervisor

3 thoughts on “Qualities for a good Ph.D. supervisor”

  1. Yuhong YAN says:

    That is the ideal situation. How many professors in the world who have a student
    being professor at Harvard? How many students have the chance to get the professors
    they want? Who can control their fate?

  2. Daniel Lemire says:

    At least in North America, students get to choose their supervisors. Good students, at least.

    Second of all, one prof. cares about his students and tries to help them, they will, statistically, do better than the students from the prof. who couldn’t care less. You can measure such things by looking at where are the students of your prospective supervisor.

    This is like choosing a job. The first thing you should do when choosing a job is to look at how well the employees are doing where you want to work. Same applies when choosing a supervisor.

    This only one element on my list, of course.

    I’m just telling students: spend an extra day or so choosing your supervisor and it be worth years of your life later.

  3. Moebius Stripper says:

    Just found this entry in my referral logs, and boy, do I ever wish someone had told me this when I was starting my degree. Would have saved me over two years with an advisor who …well, who fails on all counts above.