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Visit in Krakow, Poland.

I traveled to Krakow from 07-May to 21-May-2022 to learn the Polish language. I had booked a Polish course on Polish-German Academic Society.

Below table shows the relation of Krakow to other polish cities.

Nr. City Area / km² Population
1. Warsaw 517.24 1,794,166
2. Krakow 326.8 780,796
3. Lodz 293.25 672,185
4. Breslau (Wroclaw) 292.92 641,928
5. Posen 261.85 532,048
6. Danzig (Gdansk) 262 470,633

Polish is the second most spoken slavic language. See Slawische Sprachen and table below.

Branch Language Script Million Speaker
East Slavic Russian Cyrillic 150
" Ukrainian Cyrillic 35
" Belarusian Cyrillic 5
West Slavic Polish Latin 39
" Slovak Latin 5
" Czech Latin 11
South Slavic Slovene Latin 2
" Croatian Latin 6
" Serbo-Croatian Latin 15
" Bulgarian Cyrillic 6
" Macedonian Cyrillic 1

Some panorma images. Central station.


Market in Kazimierz.

Wawel tower.

The old-town is almost entirely enclosed in a park. While Central Park Manhatten is in the center of Manhatten, in Krakow the park surrounds the historic part of the town. Below drone photograph from Krakow4u shows this quite nicely.

Old-town and various buildings #1.

Old-town and various buildings #2.

Jagiellonian University in Krakow

An interesting learning resource for the Polish language is here: Movic po polsku.

Do widzenia, Krakow!