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Data Centers in Africa

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1. Wikipedia. Wikipedia has a total of five data centers in the US, Europe, and Singapore. They are given in below table as of 2023.

Nr. Location Role Since
1 Virginia, USA Application + Caching 2010
2 Texas, USA Application + Caching 2014
3 Amsterdam, Netherland Caching 2009
3 California, USA Caching 2014
4 Singapore Caching 2017
5 Marseille, France Caching 2022

Wikipedia has no data centers in Australia or Africa. See data center distribution below. Photo

In 2013 Wikipedia had 1,200 servers, see Wikipedia Infrastructure as of 2013. Interestingly, Wikipedia used a single server up to 2004. In 2019 Wikipedia switched from Ubuntu to Debian Linux. Wikipedia has 6.6 million pages. It has roughly 250 million visits per day.

2. Africa. In New data centers are supercharging cloud computing in smaller African countries it is stated that Africa is slowly catching up on IT infrastructure.


There seem to be 94 Colocations in Africa, most of them in Lagos, Nigeria. Compare that to 232 colocation centers in Germany alone, the vast majority in Frankfurt. Also see Internet Adoption.

Reliable power supply and uncorrupted government is a factor.