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Three Free Invites For the OnePlus One

Original post is here eklausmeier.goip.de/blog/2014/12-30-three-free-invites-for-the-oneplus-one.

I have written a review on the OnePlus One smartphone. I have three more invites for the OnePlus One smartphone. Below are the codes. Use them according "first come, first served".

Invite 1 with code GLK0-ZEFI-BW0A-MYZG has been claimed and used.

Invite 2 with code GLV4-U7PE-V1AL-YJZN was claimed and then just expired.

Invite 3 with code GLVM-B9PN-7DHT-2QIT has been claimed and used.

Addendum 02-Jan-2015: The first and last invites have been claimed, and then not used, i.e., they are ready to be claimed. The second one has been claimed, but had been claimed previously and then not been used. What I do not fully understand is, that people apparently claim something and then make no use of it.


Addendum 06-Jan-2015: No more invites here in this post. I am a bit annoyed that invite #2 has been claimed multiple times, and now has just expired.