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Statistics of this Blog: Crossed 5.000 Views

Original post is here eklausmeier.goip.de/blog/2014/05-07-statistics-of-this-blog-crossed-5-000-views.

In three earlier posts I showed the development of this blog.

  1. Statistics of this Blog: 2.600 Views, 78 Countries, 20 Comments, February 2014
  2. Statistics of this Blog: 1.000 Views, 60 Countries, 10 Likes, October 2013
  3. My Blog Statistics by Country, September 2013
Today I can announce that I crossed the border of 5.000 views. Although I have this blog since January 2008, I actively blog since September 2013, first "real" post was [CPU Usage Time Is Dependant on Load](**/blog/2012/12-29-cpu-usage-time-dependant-on-load/ "CPU Usage Time Is Dependant on Load").

Plot of views per month using gnuplot: viewsPerMonth

Here are the numbers: MonthsYears201405

US clearly leads the views, followed by larger European countries. Views World 201405