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Wikipedia Infrastructure as of 2013

Original post is here eklausmeier.goip.de/blog/2013/12-09-wikipedia-infrastructure-as-of-2013.

Some facts on Wikipedia:

  1. Wikipedia uses round about 1,200 servers, see Tactical Monitoring Overview. These servers are located in Ashburn (Virginia), Tampa (Florida), San Francisco, and Amsterdam, see servers.
  2. Wikipedia has about 4.5 million pages, see statistics.
  3. Wikipedia uses Ubuntu exclusively for their MySQL/memcached database servers, their Apache/Squid servers, their PowerDNS servers. Image servers are Solaris servers.
  4. Wikipedia content can be download in one lump without pictures, see download and dumps. It's about 10 GB bzip2-compressed.

According Alexa Wikipedia is ranked in the top 10, according Quantcast it is ranked in the top 20. According Ahrefs Wikipedia is the second most visited website.