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India is now the third largest Smartphone market in the world - Android Authority

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An article in Android Authority from 26-Jun-2013, India is now the third largest Smartphone market in the world, states that:

  1. There are 14 major carriers listed for India, including two state owned providers. None have over 180 million subscribers.
  2. The smartphone market in India is expanding at about 160% annually, compared to overall world growth of about 40%.
  3. India is growing over four times as fast as everyone else, even outpacing China (86% growth year over year), and lapping the US handily (19%).
  4. Android is used on about 90% of hardware made for India last quarter.

More facts on India in CIA World Factbook, like:

  1. Telephones - main lines in use: 32.685 million (2011)
  2. Telephones - mobile cellular: 893.862 million (2011)

This means that almost 30-times more people in India have a mobile phone than a landline phone. The year 2011 numbers for Germany are 51.8 million vs. 108.7 million, i.e., 1:2. The numbers for USA for the same year are 146 million vs. 290.3 million.

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